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Participation at HICSS 2020

Participation at HICSS 2020
Date: 16.01.2020

The KIT research groups of Prof. Mädche, Prof. Satzger, Prof. Sunyaev, and Prof. Weinhardt have been present at the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in Hawaii with 10 accepted conference papers.  

Research Papers

  • Towards a Unified Understanding of Data-Driven Support for Emergency Medical Service Logistics (Reutter-Oppermann, M.; Wolff, C.)
  • How game features give rise to altruism and collective action? Implications for cultivating cooperation by gamification (Riar, M., Morschheuser, B., Hamari, J., and Zarnekow, R.)
  • Towards Leveraging End-of-Life Tools as an Asset: Value Co-Creation based on Deep Learning in the Machining Industry (Walk, J.; Kühl, N.; Schäfer, J.)
  • A New Metric for Lumpy and Intermittent Demand Forecasts: Stock-keeping-oriented Prediction Error Costs (Martin, D.; Spitzer, P.; Kühl, N.)
  • Bridges Between Islands: Cross-Chain Technology in Distributed Ledger Technology (Kannengießer, N., Pfister, M., Greulich, M., Lins, S., and Sunyaev, A.)
  • Do Not Be Fooled: Toward a Holistic Comparison of Distributed Ledger Technology Designs (Gräbe, F., Kannengießer, N., Lins, S., and Sunyaev, A.)
  • Beyond Data Markets: Opportunities and Challenges for Distributed Ledger Technology in Genomics (Thiebes, S., Kannengießer, N., Schmidt-Kraepelin, M., and Sunyaev, A.)
  • The Role of Gamification in Health Behavior Change: A Review of Theory-driven Studies (Schmidt-Kraepelin, M., Warsinsky, S., Thiebes, S., and Sunyaev, A.)
  • Applying Optimal Weight Combination in Hybrid Recommender Systems (Staudt, P. and Haubner, N.)
  • A Merchant Transmission Approach for Uniform-Price Electricity Markets (Staudt, P. and Haubner, N.)


For further information feel free to directly contact the authors.