Research Talk Series on Digitalization

The research talk series on digitalization was launched in 2019 and is co-organized by Information Systems (IS) professors of the KIT institutes AIFB and IISM.  It serves the exchange of contemporary topics and results in digitalization research delivered in the IS field. Nationally and internationally renowned scientists of the IS discipline present their current work and put it up for discussion.

November 11th 2024

Johann Kranz, LMU Munich, Germany


May 14th

Gerhard Schwabe,  University of Zurich, Schweiz

How can doctors and generative AI together help me lose weight?


March 5th 2024

Stephanie Rinderle-Ma, Technical University Munich, Germany

Model-driven Design and Automation of Process Orchestrations in Manufacturing


February 6th 2024

Ivo Blohm, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Hybrid Creativity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Defy or Reinforce Human Creative Performance


February 11th 2020

Anat Rafaeli, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Emotions in Service Operations: New Data Opportunities and New Insights


July 9th 2019

Jan Recker, University of Cologne, Germany
The Digitalization of Entrepreneurship: Digital Technologies as Enablers and Outcomes from New Venture Creation


May 27th 2019

Richard Watson, University of Georgia, USA
Energy Informatics: A current perspective


May 12th 2019

Jens Grossklags, TU Munich, Germany
Addressing the Dilemma of Insecure Programming Advice with Deep Learning and Behavioral Research


April 2nd 2019

Martin Spann, LMU Munich, Germany
Measuring the Effectiveness of Location-Based Advertising: A Randomized Field Experiment


March 13th 2019

Tuure Tuunanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Concurrent Design and Evaluation Framework for Design Science Research



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